Migrate to Amazon RDS 1 - Create SQL Server Instance

SQL Server has been brought into AWS for years. I am trying to use this series of posts to do a best practice about migrating data from on-premises into AWS RDS SQL Server Instance. (I am also using this series to compare RDS, Redshift and Azure DB, Azure DW)

Create a RDS SQL Server is pretty easy, the only thing should be aware of is that when creating SQL Server in VPC, we have to setup VPC security group to connect to RDS SQL Server:

  1. Amazon RDS -> Instance, find the Security groups, click it;
  2. Select default security group
  3. From Inbound, add new TCP/IP record to allow particular IP connect to this instance (client IP address with /32 subset):

Then we can connect to RDS SQL Instance from SSMS easily.

Next step, we will restore our local backup file (.bak) into RDS SQL Instance.

  1. Create local DB backup file. 
  2. Upload the backup file to S3 bucket