Migrate to Azure SQL Data Warehouse - 7, encrypt data transformation

Data security consideration is the top priority when migrating to Cloud environment, especially when data transformation happened in public internet pipeline. Technically, when moving into Azure from on-premises, no matter data flow or files, there are several ways can help to protect the data transformation based on what ways we are using. 

  1. Data Connection Encryption. 

    Azure DB or Azure SQL DW will generate Connection strings (ADO.NET, JDBC, ODBC and PHP) that can be used in client applications. Be aware of that the "Encrypt = True" will be always added (in ADO.NET, JDBC only). This configuration should be always kept when using this connection string in client applications.

  2. SSIS (SQL Server Integration) Data Flow Encryption. 

    Believe that most of the MS SQL Server guys will be considering the technical tips when using SSIS as the major tool to do the data transformation. when creating the connection to Azure DW, Azure SQL Server or Azure NoSQL Database  by using OLE DB, please ensure to change the 'Use Encryption for Data' to True, this will use SSL in HTTP connection:

    If user ADO.NET provider to connect to Azure DW, there is more controls should be aware of:

    Column Encryption Setting: This feature is now only being supported in SQL Server 2016 (Not in Azure DW). If the target is Azure DW, this value should be disabled. This property is being used to setup the encryption for particular column.

Encrypt: When True, SQL Server uses SSL encryption for all data sent between the client and server if the server has a certificate installed. In Azure

  1. Data Factory Data Encryption

Data Factory is Azure-based data movement service, it can not only move data from on-Premises to Azure but also move data inside Azure environment as well..


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